Monday, September 14, 2009

So Far Behind...

Wow, so much has happened since our last post! Let's see if we can catch up...

The week after we took Brandon to Illinois, we took Tiffany's boyfriend, Tommy to Colorado where he is attending Adams State College on a football scholarship as well. GO GRIZZLIES!!! Derek, Tiffany and Tommy's dad (Ted) went on this trip. As they were heading up toward Heber, the fuel pump went out in the Suburban at about 3:00am. They ended up turning around to head back home and when it finally totally quit, they had to push the car until they reached a hill where they could coast down, then coast until it wouldn't coast anymore and push again. Fortunately, there are several pretty big hills to help them. They made it almost to Payson and Tyler had to drive up to tow them the rest of the way home to get the car fixed. The next day they were on their way and made it to Alamosa, Colorado in about 10 hours.

Before Tommy left for college, he got Tiffany a kitty (she named 'Kitty') She was so excited and absolutely adores her new kitty!

Dean finally received his Bobcat, which he earned quite a while ago and also his Wolf in Cub Scouts.

The kids have been enjoying school so far. Dean is in 4th grade and started playing the viola in the school orchestra this year. He really enjoys that, even though they haven't really been playing too much yet...still just learning the basics.

Heather started her first year in actual high school this year as a sophomore. She was a little nervous but has been enjoying it. Unfortunately, they dropped orchestra from her schedule because none of her classes were offered A hour. She has been practicing all summer with both the basketball and softball teams and is very anxious for basketball season to start.

Heather has also been playing the piano a lot. She practices every day and is definitely improving. There are a few songs that she can play with both hands pretty well. She's pretty much teaching herself and is doing awesome. So, no grandma, you can't have the piano back...sorry!

Kimberly started this year at EVA and EVIT in their Health Sciences program to begin working towards her goal to become an OB/GYN.

Tiffany started her Junior year this year and is on the Varsity Cheer Squad. She misses Tommy but is doing great. She's also driving...not sure if we mentioned that in a previous post or not. She started teaching dance classes at the house over the summer and has also started dancing at the dance studio again 3 days a week.

Cathy has finally received (although earned a while ago) her AA Degree! It only took 20 years :( Now, only 8 more classes to finish up for her Bachelor's in Business Administration, hopefully by next summer!

Over Labor Day weekend, we took another trip to Colorado to visit Tommy, watch his game and help him celebrate his birthday. Derek, Cathy and Tiffany went, along with Tommy's mom, Diane and his sister, Jackie and her friend Zoe. It was a lot of fun. We were hoping for some nice cool weather and while it was in the 70s it seemed really hot and we all got very sunburned while watching the game on Saturday. For his birthday, he wanted to go to the alligator farm so we went to see the Colorado Gators and then went bowling. Here are some fun pictures from our time there...

Happy Birthday Tommy! We love you!

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Susan said...

looks like you have been so busy! Congrats on the AA and only 8 more credits to finish the BA. That is going to feel so nice to have it done. I can't believe how much everyone is growing up. It is so fun to see.